I work in a hybrid fashion when I mix. I use hardware gear such as compressors and EQ’s, I also make use of my favorite plugins such as UAD, Soundtoys, FabFilter & Softube, to mention a few. I really enjoy working this way, and it gives me a nice workflow, and I get the best from both worlds. I will mix the music you have recorded here, or elsewhere. The internet is a wonderful thing! I can mix your music no matter where you reside. You can send me your files and I will work on it from my studio. Each day I’ll send my work back to you and await your input and make changes based on that. That way you will be along for the ride during the whole process.

Some of the gear and software I use when I mix and track:

  • Mackie HR624 Mk2 monitoring
  • UAD Apollo 8 Quad, 
  • UAD Satellite Quad (x2)
  • DBX 163 vintage compressor (x3)
  • DBX 163X vintage compressor (x3)
  • TL Audio 5051 Valve Processor
  • ART Pro MPA II
  • Softube Console 1 MKII
  • Plugins from UAD, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Softube, Slate, Plugin Alliance to name a few.

Preparing your tracks for mixing
If you are sending me tracks to get them mixed there are a number of things you can do to prepare them. It will save me a lot of time and it will be more cost effective for you and ultimately will make the process much smoother for both parties. 

  • Do not send a DAW session file. WAV files only.
  • Send only the tracks you want to be mixed.
  • Please be sure to organize and clearly label your tracks. Make it simple, clean and logical. Each track needs to have a unique name that is descriptive of the sound on it and each song needs its own folder labeled with the song name.
  • Every track should be consolidated from zero until the end of the session. This is to ensure everything lines up correctly once it has been imported. This is critical. 
  • Clean up your tracks / Pitch and time correction.
    If possible do as much of this as you can before sending me your tracks. This means removing all unwanted noises between performance parts such as buzz, clicking, popping or other artifacts. Make sure to create fades and crossfades. I can do all this for you, but please understand that this is very time consuming and not really mixing. I will have to charge you for the time spent on editing. 
  • Please be certain that all mono tracks are sent as mono WAV files. Most files will be mono (guitar DIs, individual drum mics, vocal tracks, bass tracks). The only things that are usually stereo files are drum overheads\room mics, certain effects and synth tracks, and anything that was recorded with two mics.
  • If possible include a rough MP3 mixdown of the session as a reference and feel free to include any songs from other bands that you want as a mix reference.
  • Please send all files in the same sample rate\bit depth in which they were recorded (usually 44.1kHz\24 bit or 48kHz\24 bit). 


Here you can record with your band or do overdubs on the music you already recorded elsewhere. I will engineer and help you through the process no matter what the project. Just let me know what you have in mind. I aim to create a relaxed and inspirational environment. Having been recording as a musician in studios for 25 years, I know how important this is.

I have a backline readily available for your use, should you choose not to bring your own gear. Drums, a variety of amps, cabinets, pedals, etc. I own a bunch of guitars, both vintage and new. We have everything covered in the backline department to make a great sounding pop, rock, hard rock, metal, project.